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General Information


The Regional Championship Tournament is one of four regional tournaments comprising the next-to-highest level of a nationwide tournament whose objective is to determine regional champions and national champions in the age groups listed below.


As defined in the National Championship Rules, the age divisions are U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19 for males and females.

  • The name for U-19 males is the James P. McGuire Cup 
  • The name for U-18 males is the USYSA National Championship Cup 
  • The name for U-17 males is the Don Greer Cup 
  • The name for U-16 males is the D.J. Niotis Cup 
  • The name for U-19 females is the Ross Stewart Cup 
  • The name for U-18 females is the USYSA Frank Kelly Cup
  • The name for U-17 females is the USYSA Laura Moynihan Cup
  • The name for U-16 females is the Patricia L. Masotto Cup



The winners of the U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19 divisions advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.


Each National State Association may be represented by one team in each division and any additional wildcards as prescribed in the Region II rules. All state representatives are determined by open competition using a format established by the National State Association and approved by the Regional Director.  The format from each state shall be sent to the RTC Chairman.  The rules governing team and player eligibility are set forth in the rules of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules.


The Midwest Region (Region II) is one of four administrative regions comprising the US Youth Soccer Association.  It, in turn, consists of 14 National State Associations:

01. Illinois Youth Soccer Association 
02. Indiana Youth Soccer Association 
03. Iowa State Youth Soccer Association 
04. Kansas State Youth Soccer Association 
05. Kentucky Youth Soccer Association 
06. Michigan State Youth Soccer Association 
07. Minnesota Youth Soccer Association 
08. Missouri Youth Soccer Association 
09. Nebraska State Soccer Association 
10. North Dakota Soccer Association 
11. Ohio Youth Soccer Association, North 
12. Ohio South Youth Soccer Association 
13. South Dakota State Soccer Association 
14. Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association


All tournament games played at national, regional, state, and, where applicable, lower levels, are conducted under the authority of US Youth Soccer.  All Championship games are played and administered in accordance with guidelines set forth in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules (current edition).