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2012 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships

2012 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships
2012 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships
Saginaw, Michigan
June 23-27, 2012
General Information 
Information For States
Roster Clairification:
Due to the changes in the Club Pass Rules the following steps need to be followed for the 2012 Region II Championships:

Send the game reports, league rosters, and State Cup rosters, to Waukesha, WI.[address is listed on the mailing from Bob Hart, above] This paperwork is then put into a booklet that the Regional Staff puts together to keep all of the previous rosters, forms that are collected at check in, and bench personal sheet. 

IN ADDITION to the above: The teams or the state office will have to go on the American Eagle System and enter their 22 person roster for the event. This roster needs to be confirmed by the state offices prior to the freeze date for the Region II Championships. The freeze date is June, 15, 2012 at Midnight, which is 7 days prior to the event. Once those rosters are frozen none of the player names or numbers will be able to be modified, however the collegiate information will be open for modification. The online rep for your state will have to confirm the rosters. These rosters will then be printed off by our staff and will be at check in on, Friday June 22, 2012, the teams.  
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