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Urban Soccer Symposium Attendee Sponsorship


Attendee Sponsorship Form [v11.28.17]

Deadline to Submit: January 15, 2018

US Youth Soccer Midwest on behalf of Soccer Across America will be sponsoring two (2) individuals who currently represent an underserved community and/or organization located in the geographic area of the Midwest to attend the 2018 U.S. Soccer Foundation's Urban Soccer Symposium. The two (2) sponsored attendees will receive the following:

  1. Free registration to attend the 2018 Urban Soccer Symposium. Registration includes breakfast and lunch ($300 value)
  2. Two-night hotel stay at the Washington Marriott – Georgetown or nearest hotel
  3. Sponsored attendees are responsible for airfare, any additional hotel room nights, and any other costs related to the event

The 12th Annual Urban Soccer Symposium, presented by Soccer Shots, will take place March 23-25, 2018 at the Washington Marriott – Georgetown! The Urban Soccer Symposium hosts community leaders and speakers from across the nation who are dedicated to improving the field of sports-based youth development. The Symposium features three days of interactive workshops focused on sharing best practices and maximizing organizations' impact in the community. For more information regarding the Urban Soccer Symposium, please visit the following [LINK].

Guidelines to Apply:

The selected individual(s) sponsored to attend the 2018 Urban Soccer Symposium must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Must represent an underserved community and/or organization (i.e. US Youth Soccer Midwest Club, League, State Association) located in the geographic area of the Midwest
  2. Attend all three (3) days of the Urban Soccer Symposium; March 23-25, 2018
  3. Must submit a summary report to the Midwest Office within 30 days following the Urban Soccer Symposium


  1. What best describes your organization?
  2. Which terms best describes the demographic and income level of the community your organization serves?
  3. How many children does your organization serve?
  4. What resources is your organization currently lacking?
  5. What are you hoping to bring back from the Urban Soccer Symposium?
  6. Please describe your current operating budget? What items are included in your budget (i.e. player gear, equipment, insurances)?
  7. Have you ever attended the Urban Soccer Symposium? If so, when?


All submissions are to be electronically submitted using the following [FORM]. Please include criterion responses on a separate typed sheet. Please keep responses to a maximum of 200 words.

In order to be considered, all criteria must be met. Submissions will be reviewed by the Midwest Office and Soccer Across America Chair. Please submit all materials to Katie Yde at by January 15, 2018.

Any questions should be directed to Katie Yde or Joel Dragan.