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Recreational Accreditation

US Youth Soccer Region II Recreational Recognition

The US Youth Soccer Region II Five Star Recreational Program Recognition is a way of showing the excellence within the ranks of our State Association member recreational organizations. To be recognized, the organization must show quality in education, referee development and risk management. The Region II State Associations administer this program following the guidelines approved by the Region II Presidents in 2008.

Each State Association may develop and use its own recognition system at the state level.  However, to receive the US Youth Soccer Five Star Recreational Program Recognition, the member organization must show proof of compliance with the following listed criteria.

  1. Coach Education: 
    • The recreational program will need to have 30% of the coaches in their program obtain US Youth Soccer or State approved Coaching Certificates or license. (The minimum percentage will be adjusted in subsequent years)
  2. Referee Development or Mentoring:
    • The Recreational program will certify to its state association that 90% of their referees are USSF certified (Grade 9, 8, or higher).
    • If unable to satisfy the 90% level, and prior to attaining that level with in 3 years, the recreational program certifies that it is operation the USSF Grade 9 referee program.
  3. Full Participation in Kid-Safe (Background Checks)
    • States association to ensure that its recreational program had complete compliance with US Youth Soccer guidelines.
  4. Goal Safety (Inspections and Anchoring)
    • The recreational program certifies to their state association that all goals in its possession or use are anchored or secured 100% of the time, whether in use or not. 
  5. Sideline and Parent Behavior and Education
    • The recreational program certifies and provides documentation to the state association that it has a parent behavior program in place (e.g., distribution of US Youth Soccer " Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer" DVD to every team). 
State Associations may use a multi tier system to promote and develop the accreditation system in their own state, but the "Region II Accredited" language may only be awarded if their is supporting documentation that there is compliance with the above criteria. 
State Associations will be required to provide a listing of all their "Region II Accredited" recreational clubs indicating, for each club, the number and percentage of coaches in compliance, the number and percentage of referees in compliance, the number of coaches and assistant coaches that have completed background checks, the number of goals which the club is responsible and the method by which parent behavior and education is addressed.
For more information regarding the Region II Five Star Recreational Program Recognition, including the accreditation process contact your State Association.