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Grass Roots Development

US Youth Soccer Region II Grass Roots Development

News and Information:

Please take a few minutes to watch the YouTube video below: Mentor Matches 


The Roll the Dice series includes options for coaches when attendance at practice can be on the light side: 

Roll the Dice - 2 Players [LINK]

Roll the Dice - 3 Players [LINK]

Roll the Dice - 4 Players [LINK]

Roll the Dice - 5 Players [LINK]

Roll the Dice - 6 Players [LINK]


US Youth Soccer Region II Announces Grassroots Development Director
   Former US Youth Soccer Region II and Indiana Soccer Director of Coaching, Vince Ganzberg was confirmed by the Region II Presidents to make an initiative to Develop Coaching Education for the Grassroots Level. Ganzberg will be working with the Region II State Directors of Coaching to develop activities and possibley a Manual for Novice coaches to use in trainings around the Region.