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ODP ID Camp | Schedule

ODP18_logo DRAFT

An ID Camp schedule will be made available closer to the event. Schedules are subject to change. The daily schedule will be communicated to all players through Team App.

ID Camp Schedule Format
Except on arrival and departure days the ID Camp will consist of:

  • (2) training sessions per day
  • (1) classroom and/or presentation per day
  • (2) individual and/or team meeting per day
  • Recovery and/or regeneration scheduled accordingly

Team App
During ID Camp, this app will be used to communicate daily schedules, weather/field updates, daily training gear colors and laundry schedule. This app is only for players attending the ID Camp.

  • Download/Install Instructions [PDF]
    • Please note, that access groups are based on player birth year and gender.
    • Returning players please double check your account and verify that you are in the correct access group for ID Camp.
    • If players do not have a cell phone, they will be able to receive the daily communications from their roommate/teammate and/or administrator.
  • Online Website [LINK]