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ODP ID Camp | FAQs

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Q: What is included in the ID Camp fee?

A: The fee of the 5-day residential ID Camp includes safe quality housing and meals in a dorm setting, training and classroom sessions in state of-the-art facilities, coaching and administrative staff, certified athletic trainers and (3) Nike training kits (drifit shirts, shorts, socks/kit). Players will train and compete with the top players in the Midwest Region and will be trained by high level licensed coaches, including exposure to college coaches. Players will also have the opportunity to be identified for future ODP Midwest Region events.

Q: Is transportation provided to/from ID Camp?

A: The Midwest Region will ONLY provide transportation to/from either Flint (FNT) or Saginaw (MBS) airports on arrival and departure days for those players who opt to fly. You should contact your State Association to see if they will be providing transportation to/from ID Camp. If not, you are responsible for the transportation to/from ID Camp.

Q: Can parents watch players train or play?

A: The Midwest Region appreciates when families support our program and players; however, family members will not be allowed in dorms, meals, meetings, trainings or any team function scheduled.

Q: What amenities will the players have access to?

A: Players will have access to the dorms, Rhea Miller Recital Hall (theater), Curtis Hall (classrooms), Groening Commons (lounge area), soccer fields, fieldhouse and the Marketplace. All buildings on SVSU's campus are in close-proximity to each other and will allow for safe and easy walking between locations.

Q: Where will the players be staying while they are at ID Camp?

A: All players will be staying in the SVSU dorm rooms while on campus. Per our packing list [LINK], please ensure all players bring their own bedding, pillows and towels as they will not be provided.

Q: What are the dorms like?

A: The dorms are some of the best in the nation. SVSU was ranked #1 in the state of Michigan and #19 nationally. Each dorm room includes one player per bed, shared bathroom, living space and study areas, a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator and sink and air conditioning.

Q: Where will the players be training?

A: All trainings will be held at SVSU on their campus fields.

Q: How often will players train?

A: Players will train twice (2) a day, except for arrival and departure days. Each training session will last approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Q: Will players be training and competing with players from their state?

A: Players will have the opportunity to train and compete with and among the top players in the Midwest Region in a scramble format. This unique experience allows for players to progress and develop their skill sets in a competitive environment for the next level.

Q: Are the fields grass or turf?

A: There are two turf fields, the stadium and fieldhouse. All other fields are grass.

Q: Is there a backup plan for training in case of inclement weather?

A: Yes. In case of inclement weather, the players will have access to the fieldhouse. We will determine if use of the indoor facility is necessary based upon SVUS weather protocols. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated to the players via Team App.

Q: Who are the Regional Staff Coaches?

A: The ODP Midwest Regional coaching staff are some of the top high level licensed coaches, including college coaches, within the Midwest.

Q: Will there be college coaches there?

A: Yes. Some of the Regional staff coaches are current college coaches.

Q: What type of supervision is provided for the players during ID Camp?

A:  All activities on and off the field are supervised by our administrative staff. Each age group will have their own lead administrator, along with additional staff members that will ensure all players are supervised. Both coaching and administrative staff stay in the dorms with the players. Campus security will be present and monitoring our high access areas for added security.

Q: What do the classroom sessions consist of?

A: Classroom sessions and/or presentations, may consist of, but not limited to: sports performance, nutrition, sports psychologist, college coach panel and video analysis.

Q: If a player has a food allergy will there be alternative options for them?

A: Yes, you will be required to complete an electronic medical and liability release prior to attending ID Camp. This online form allows you to communicate any allergies for our staff, which includes our certified Athletic Trainers as well as SVSU food services. See "Meal Information" for more information [LINK].

Q: What if players cannot make it the entire time? Can players arrive late or leave early?

A:  Invited players are expected to arrive rested, on time and stay for the duration of the ID Camp. Players who do not attend the entire event will not receive the same training and development experiences as well as being fairly evaluated by our Regional coaching staff for identification to future ODP Midwest Region events.

Q: What if players cannot attend ID Camp. Can players still be considered for the ODP Region II Pool?

A: To be considered for the ODP Midwest Region Pool, players must attend ID Camp; however, if an invited player is injured or sustains an injury prior to the start of ID Camp, the player will be considered and listed as an injured reserve with proper medical documentation.

Q: What if players get injured before or during ID Camp?

A: If an invited player sustains an injury before ID Camp, please notify us immediately and provide medical documentation regarding the injury. Medically excused players will be considered for the ODP Midwest Region pool and listed as an injured reserve. If you sustain an injury during ID Camp, our certified Athletic Trainers will be available on and off the field to assess any potential injuries and/or illness. Depending on the severity of the injury and/or illness the player may be taken to a local clinic or ER for further assessment by one of our administrative staff who will notify you. We will follow the US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol for any player who displays signs and symptoms of a concussion. For more information see USYS Concussion Protocol [LINK].

Q: How will players receive communication on a daily basis?

A: During the event, Team App will be used to communicate daily schedules, weather/field updates, daily training gear colors and laundry schedule. This app is only for players attending the ID Camp. If players do not have a cell phone, they will be able to receive the communication from their roommate/teammate and/or administrator. For more information see "Team App" [LINK].

Q: What happens after ID Camp?

A: Final player pools for the upcoming 2018-2019 US Youth Soccer ODP Midwest Region cycle will be posted by the first week of August. Players listed will be eligible for further selection to ODP Midwest Region event opportunities that typically occur during November, December and January. Players will receive a general informational email outlining the event opportunities post-ID Camp.