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ODP ID Camp | Accommodations

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Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU)
  • All players will be staying on SVUS's Campus during their time at ID Camp
  • SVUS is on a 784-acre campus and is home to 107 academic and auxiliary buildings
  • SVSU has 9,165 students currently enrolled for the 2016/2017 academic year
  • For more information visit their website [LINK]

SVSU Directions & Map
  • Directions [LINK]
  • Official Campus Map [LINK]
  • Field Map [Not yet Available]

Dorm Room Information
  • All players will be staying in dorm rooms on campus.
  • SVSU dorms are some of the best in the nation and was ranked #1 in the state of Michigan and #19 nationally. [LINK]
  • Every dorm room includes:
    • (1) player per bed
    • shared bathroom, living and study areas
    • a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator and sink
    • air conditioning
  • If a player loses his/her room key, they will be responsible for the $50 SVSU replacement fee prior to leaving ID Camp.
  • Players will also be responsible for any room damage assessed by both SVSU and Region II and will be invoiced accordingly.

Meal Information

  • Players will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner except on arrival and departure days.
    • Arrival Day: Dinner Only
    • Departure Day: Breakfast & Lunch Only
  • Meal Menu [LINK]
  • We will provide a list of player allergies and/or preferences that have been documented in the electronic player releases to the SVSU food services.
  • Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to ID Camp an SVSU chef will contact you directly to discuss the player's allergies and/or preferences.
  • During ID Camp if a player with an allergy and/or preference is unsure of what they can eat, they should request to speak to a chef or ask an ID Camp administrator to assist them.
  • In order to accommodate the "nut allergies" the chefs have removed items with peanuts and other nuts from the menu where possible in order to minimize any exposure. Items like peanut butter for toast, nut topping at the ice cream station, peanut butter cookies, turtle brownies ect. were changed or removed.

SVSU Marketplace
More information coming soon.